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Hey all. Yes, it has been awhile. I haven’t forgotten my blogging duties, but merely have had to put them on hold. I am taking a quick break now from studying to give a brief update. Can I just say wow!

So, note one…when taking an extended break from school, it is wise to re-enter the virtual class environment with an exciting class. When your academic adviser says “your first class is Accounting in a Health Care Environment” and you get that little twinge that says “make her change it!”, listen!!! I do love furthering my education and growing intellectually; however, re-entry into school after a 6-month leave should involve a class with a much higher excitement level.

Note two…I am a HUGE procrastinator! I know this about myself and accountingis fueling my procrastination flaw like you wouldn’t believe! I started off great, worked ahead and was doing awesome! Then, I fell out with boredom. I like doing the accounting work, but studying theory is killing me! At this point, I am willing to let just about any excuse pop up and hold me back from studying until that day the school week closes out and everything is due (ie. I am blogging now instead of finishing those last 8-pages on budgeting).


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Note three…Scheduling out my week has become a must! With school, the gym, work, kids, and my refusal to let go of all social activities, I must really start budgeting (see, I am picking up something from this class) my time wisely. I really need to sit down in the coming week and start looking out how to really fit everything in, including sleep (which I have not been getting enough of). I guess I will have to pencil in some time somewhere in my schedule for scheduling life.

Note four…Forget all this craziness about accounting, how about life! Wow! What a ride this month has been. I have been working to integrate into my new position at work. I am getting faster at my new tasks and have trained my junior on many of my old tasks. I am still learning much day by day and feel I am making progress. I am working to convert fully to my e-cigarette due to my joining a gym that makes me run every visit. Speaking of the gym, CrossFit is so totally cool y’all (I added a few links at the bottom that WordPress recommended). I cannot wait to have more time to fill y’all in on exactly what it is and what I have been learning. I think this week I get to meet with the owner (also a nutritionist) to go over my food plan and goals. I am totally excited. Other activities have included Spring Fling at my young one’s school, cook out and pool days with friends, fewer bar nights (but still there because you just got to have a nice drink and relax sometimes), and seeing a few friends I hadn’t in a bit. Life has just been crazy!

Hope everyone out there following is doing well and hope to catch up again soon! Guess life isn’t so idle anymore šŸ™‚


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Hello boys and girls. Today’s topic is staying away from creepers in the bar. We all know the type and can typically spot them right away, so why is it we always get stuck talking to them for WAY longer than necessary?

Let us set the scene. Creeper approaches. Introduces himself and asks if he can buy you a drink. You are not interested; but a free drink is a free drink, right? Does the acceptance of a free drink mean you have to entertain him further? Do you have to be polite and engage in the creepy conversation that will no doubt follow? What’s a girl to do?

  • ScenarioĀ A: Accept the drink. Reluctantly stay and listen to the creepy lines and comments never taking your eyes off your drink in fear he will slip something in it. Creeper first drops something like “Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.” You pretend you didn’t hear creeper and he persists to talk. Don’t worry, he will attempt to get the digits again, then again. Creepers just never seem to give up. Finally, he will attempt to go home with you. Accepting a free drink must mean you are easy and are entitled to give him more than your time. Riiight. Creeper doesn’t realize he has gotten lucky to get this far. You are now wondering who this routine has ever worked on and how to quickly escape.
  • Scenario B: You accept the drink. Say thank you and walk away.

Now, I realize Scenario B sounds like the bitch way to go; but seriously, is it really? You could refuse the free drink, but is that any more polite??? You have done the creeper a service by allowing him to buy you the free drink. You have saved him Ā the embarrassment of the inevitable turn down and allowed him that extra time to move on to the next victim. I think Scenario B is definitely the win-win situation for all involved.

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Dating a Loser? 6 Reasons You Can’t Leave Him | Lifescript.com.

Ok, ok. So my next blog was to be about creepy pick-up lines, but I received this in my email last night and just couldn’t help myself. The creepy pick-up lines will still happen, have no fear. However, any time an article gives numbered reasons for anything and allows me to blame half or more of the reasons on my family, I have got to comment further.

  • Reason 1: My family made me do it – Really? Seriously? These were my first thoughts, but I did decide to read further just in case I missed something. So we all know that our upbringing can mold how we handle life in adulthood; but can I really blame my loving yet dysfunctional family for EVERYTHING? The experts say yes I can!Ā Yippee!
  • Reason 2: I won’t find anyone better – So this reason tells me I need a self-esteem boost, then goes on to refer back to reason 1. Again, my dysfunctional family dynamic is to blame for finding men that play head games, forget your birthday and holidays, and treat me like I am the last important thing on earth according to the article. Seriously, studies prove this to be true and accurate according to experts. I have a feeling my mother would argue with most of these reasons.
  • Reason 3: I don’t want to be alone – Again, refer to reason 1 as my dysfunctional family screwed me again! I was led to believe I needed a man to take care of me to get through life so I will take anything I can get and stick with it. I am thinking by this point that I am glad I do not own several cats as my family has damned me to a destiny of being the lonely cat lady as my only alternative. Thanks mom and dad!
  • Reason 4: He’ll Change – Haha…need I even comment here?!?
  • Reason 5: He needs me – Basically, the theory here, according to the experts, is we women need to be needed. Again, even though not flat-out stated in this section, it is the family’s fault. Our learned values include not being selfish and to give without worry about receiving in return. So, our positive values are causing us to be dysfunctional. Great, just great!
  • Reason 6: The sex is phenomenal – Ummm…I haven’t added a rating to my blog, so I am just going to leave this one alone and go with the scientific explanation given by experts. However, this one I cannot argue. So the thing about sex, the experts say, is a hormonal surge of oxytocin that blows the brain and bonds partners. They actually refer to it as emotional super-glue. I think this is the experts way of saying stop hooking up and start getting to know potential partners first. Nowadays, that does not seem to be the popular opinion among folks, which we will revisit when I finish up my blog on creepy pick-up lines.

So, without going through the rest of the article (follow the link if you think you are plagued by finding those that originate in Loserville), I will end saying the moral of the story is to blame everything on your dysfunctional family except for sex. If your interested, the rest of the article tells you how to fix your loser affliction and even ends with a quiz link so you can find out if you are really into him or not. I read it for kicks because it related well to the creepy pick-up lines because creeps and losers, for me, originate from the same location.

As a side note, I personally do not believe I have only dated losers or that I am doomed because my family is slightly dysfunctional. I had a great upbringing, but have hit Loserville a few times along the way. I called my issues young, dumb, and stupid.

Anyone have any thoughts?? Oh, and feel free to feed me creepy pick-up moves to use toward my creepers blog.

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