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Hi all. I am just coming online to let y’all know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. For anyone out there wishing I had, sorry to disappoint.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

I must tell you, I have been a busy girl! I am mostly through with school (yay!), almost have my gals in my office in all the right places (double yay!), and have my home nearly restored to somewhat organized (triple yay!). Okay, I will confess, I am long from being done with that triple yay, but I am coming closer all the time.  (more…)

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I started writing today’s blog about Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday, but I decided to leave that for another night. I had a phone conversation with a good friend that really got me thinking about some things and I felt the need to write about them. I am thinking tonight about changes.

We know often people change throughout life and often people have a tendency to see change as a bad thing; but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing all too often. Sometimes change can start as something bad, but end up as something good. I think what I mean to say here is it all depends on what you do with change and how you interpret it.

For instance, I have been going through many changes lately. I started writing this blog, which is a huge change in my life. This has been a very positive experience for me. I really enjoy getting sharing my perspective and creative energy with others. Some people may love what I have written and some may hate something I have written; but either way, I have an opportunity to make someone feel something or maybe get them thinking in a way they hadn’t before reading what I have written. That, in itself is an amazing opportunity.

Another change that has recently taken place personally is I have started developing more of a life. Granted, I realize I have been going in a direction I had not intended. I have been overindulging in developing a night life and have been going out far too often lately. Something I plan to change and cut back on. I need to balance more and look at my Wheel of Life Tree a bit more to engage with that balance. However, I have learned some pretty important things in the process of developing a night life. I have met some very interesting people, aside from the creeps and losers of course, that made me think about various perspectives in different ways. Some have made me appreciate my own life much more and some have made me want to strive to be able to give off as much positive energy as they gave me.

For instance, last night, I met someone who just oozed positive energy and you could feel it throughout the entire table. Someone who can infect an entire group with that much positive energy is definitely a rare gem in the world and worth knowing if even for a few hours. However, I hope I am lucky enough to cross paths with such a person more often because there is definitely an important lesson to learn from such an individual.

Most importantly, change is important. Whether good or bad, there are lessons to be learned through even the smallest change. What is important is realizing there are lessons presenting themselves to further develop you as an individual. That’s my two cents for the evening.

How has change impacted you? How has a positive change affected you? How has a negative change turned positive or influenced you? Just things to think about. You can comment and share if you would like.

Consider the two following quotes regarding change for a moment:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are with what you can become.” – Unknown

Now go and make a positive impact in someone’s life, start a positive change in a new way. Night all.

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I think I may give the creepers a break, for a second at least, and give the losers some attention. I did call this losers and creepers week, but I have really neglected the former. I am sorry losers, I really meant no offense or malice. I will give you some much-needed attention now.

So, in my misadventures of multiple girls nights this week, I came across Mr. I Think I’m Something Special. For some reason, the more you are trying to not meet someone, the more Mr. Wrong you seem to attract. If anyone knows the reason for this, please feel free to share. I am starting to wonder if I have a neon sign above my head that says “I am single and not afraid to be alone, so please pester me!” Otherwise, I have been checking the mirror to see if I finally woke up with STUPID tattooed on my forehead, but that hasn’t happened yet either.

Welcome to Loserville

Here are some of the signs I noticed regarding losers this week (yes, Mr. I Think I’m Something Special, this includes you):

  • No car: Do you really expect me to drive your butt around? Seriously? How do you get to work? OMG…do you work?!?
  • Questionable job: Please see above. No further comment necessary.
  • I am sorry if I am acting odd, I smoked pot then took some (insert pill name here) and now I am drinking: Umm…yeah, I think the loser said it all himself. If you still have any questions, see bullet points one and two.
  • Appearance: Can you not afford a belt? Do you really think I like looking at your underwear or that walking oddly so your pants don’t fall down the rest of the way is sexy? Did you roll out of bed in those clothes and come to the bar? I mean seriously, you couldn’t take the extra 5 minutes to care about your appearance?
  • Language Barrier: No, I don’t mean foreign. I think we speak the same language, but maybe loser didn’t retain the spelling lessons from school, probably due to the drug habit mentioned above. Did you know there were extra consonants in that word? What does bae mean anyway? Is babe not short enough a word as is? Did you really have to remove the extra “b”? Speaking of which, who said you could call me babe anyway? Nevermind, I prefer you don’t know my name anyway. How about you just don’t call me anything actually.
Mr. Wrong

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I do not claim to be perfect nor do I want to be. I can say, however, I have standards and the above violate all of them. If anyone has any additional loser traits to share, please do so.

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