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Hey all. Yes, it has been awhile. I haven’t forgotten my blogging duties, but merely have had to put them on hold. I am taking a quick break now from studying to give a brief update. Can I just say wow!

So, note one…when taking an extended break from school, it is wise to re-enter the virtual class environment with an exciting class. When your academic adviser says “your first class is Accounting in a Health Care Environment” and you get that little twinge that says “make her change it!”, listen!!! I do love furthering my education and growing intellectually; however, re-entry into school after a 6-month leave should involve a class with a much higher excitement level.

Note two…I am a HUGE procrastinator! I know this about myself and accountingis fueling my procrastination flaw like you wouldn’t believe! I started off great, worked ahead and was doing awesome! Then, I fell out with boredom. I like doing the accounting work, but studying theory is killing me! At this point, I am willing to let just about any excuse pop up and hold me back from studying until that day the school week closes out and everything is due (ie. I am blogging now instead of finishing those last 8-pages on budgeting).


Procrastination (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Note three…Scheduling out my week has become a must! With school, the gym, work, kids, and my refusal to let go of all social activities, I must really start budgeting (see, I am picking up something from this class) my time wisely. I really need to sit down in the coming week and start looking out how to really fit everything in, including sleep (which I have not been getting enough of). I guess I will have to pencil in some time somewhere in my schedule for scheduling life.

Note four…Forget all this craziness about accounting, how about life! Wow! What a ride this month has been. I have been working to integrate into my new position at work. I am getting faster at my new tasks and have trained my junior on many of my old tasks. I am still learning much day by day and feel I am making progress. I am working to convert fully to my e-cigarette due to my joining a gym that makes me run every visit. Speaking of the gym, CrossFit is so totally cool y’all (I added a few links at the bottom that WordPress recommended). I cannot wait to have more time to fill y’all in on exactly what it is and what I have been learning. I think this week I get to meet with the owner (also a nutritionist) to go over my food plan and goals. I am totally excited. Other activities have included Spring Fling at my young one’s school, cook out and pool days with friends, fewer bar nights (but still there because you just got to have a nice drink and relax sometimes), and seeing a few friends I hadn’t in a bit. Life has just been crazy!

Hope everyone out there following is doing well and hope to catch up again soon! Guess life isn’t so idle anymore 🙂

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Hey all! So, it has been a while since I have said hello. I won’t say I’m back quite yet, but I hope to be soon!

I’m gradually settling my office. I have a new employee and nearly have my veteran junior trained on my morning duties so I can focus more on learning my new duties. All in all, it’s been a little rocky, but nothing more than the bumps and bruises you get from learning something new.

I had to push starting school back a couple weeks, so that begins this coming Tuesday. My work schedule was far too crazy in the beginning, but is far better now.

I went a little crazy at first due to a personal life crisis in the midst of all this change, so I had started going out far too often again. Now, I don’t mean the certifiable kind of crazy, but the stressed to no end kind of crazy. I figured out quickly that the kind of therapy I was seeking helped nothing and added weight to my figure. Unacceptable!

The personal crisis is getting handled and I’m looking for new and better ways to deal with the new stressors in my life. I hope to go within the next week or two to check out the Cross Fit training program near me.

A co-worker talked me into it after describing her personal experience in the program. In my typical nerdy fashion, I’ve been doing my background research and am pretty excited about what I have found! I’ll keep y’all posted on my decision and any updates if I join. If any readers out there have been in this type of program, I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve missed y’all and hope to write soon 🙂

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Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I have always wondered what it would be like to write and deliver an acceptance speech, so I am excited to proceed further.

I started this blog as a creative outlet. My original intent was to write about various aspects of my life and growth. I then found there were things that amused me and I could add some witty comments along the way poking at those odd situations or idiotic articles you find so often. I have found more creativity than I knew I had. I also have found the blog community to be inspiring and full of amazing people with really amazing perspectives. I found I could have a voice, share it and maybe amuse more than just myself along the way. Thank you to all that have read and/or followed along.

First, I want to thank thefutureofhope for gracing me with the honor of four awards: The Sunshine Award, Candle Lighter Award, Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award and Liebster Award. Yes, I am taking all four, thank you very much. Chrystalyn, you are an amazing blogger and I have enjoyed reading your outlook on various things in life and your stories are simply amazing. I must say The Countdown to the Worst Holiday: Valentine’s Day and Hi! I’m Crazy! were my favorites! Not to mention, as I have been starting my blogging journey you have been very supportive and inspire me to continue writing. Thank you so much. Without the awards, I still knew you were an awesome ally.

Now, for the awards and requirements.

The Sunshine, Candle Lighter, and Liebster Awards State the following:

  • Act like a God among bloggers (write a post)
  • Give your Acceptance and Thank you speech  for the one whom blessed you with the honor. (See above)
  • Give the cream of your crop the award as well
  • Post awards on your blog if accepted

The Sparkly Ten Commandments are:

  • Give Thanks
  • Answer Ten Questions with Honesty
  • Pass it on to Ten Other Bloggers.
  1. Describe yourself in seven words: Dependable, loyal, procrastinator, optimistic, hard-working, strong, and kind 
  2. What keeps you up at night? Oh, so many things. When I try to sleep, I think my brain goes on overdrive. Mostly my children and thinking through my next day and the week’s schedule.
  3. Whom would you like to be? Hmmm…that’s a tough one. I am already pretty happy with me and who I am. I don’t think I would want to be anyone else honestly.
  4.  What are you wearing now? Ripped up blue jeans and a t-shirt. Gotta love weekends =)
  5. What scares you?  Creeps and losers (duh)
  6. What are the best and worst things about blogging? Honestly, I love blogging. I really enjoy the ability to share my thoughts and have a creative outlet. I am pretty new to this, but the community seems pretty great. Reading other people’s views on life and seeing all of the undiscovered creativity out there is really pretty awesome. I think the worse thing is that I don’t always have time to get on here and keep up.
  7. What was the last website you looked at? Ummm…LOL…probably Facebook, but I am not sure. I have not been online much this weekend so far.
  8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Honestly, I would probably think through things more before sharing some of my thoughts. Otherwise, I think I am pretty awesome as is. LOL. I am not conceited but I am happy with me.
  9.  Slankets, yes or no? WTH is a Slanket??? Hold on, googling now! Holy crap! There is an official website! Where have I been that I have missed something called a Slanket? I am getting ready to look, but the current pic in my head is a Slinky mixed with a blanket; which looks pretty funny and scary I might add. My official answer is nope.
  10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you. I do not actually know Chrystalyn well, but I can say she has been very supportive of my blog and a huge inspiration for me. Her blogging skills are amazing and if you have not yet read thefutureofhope, you better get your butt in gear because you are missing some great stuff! 
Now…to get on with the fun stuff, I get to nominate my faves that I think deserve the honor of the awards. As I said, I have not been on here long (OMG, it has been nearly 3 weeks now! Time flies), but I have found some pretty amazing people who have real skills. I am not sure if any of you already have these awards, but regardless they deserve the recognition. You can choose one or all four. Have fun folks. For those of you not reading, check these guys out! BTW, this is in no particular order and I think you are all equally awesome in your own ways 🙂
  1. Girl on the Contrary
  2. Fit Body Now
  3. I’m Not Famous and Neither Are You
  4. dampsquid
  5. pithypants
  6. The Dissemination of Thought
  7. frugalistablogdotcom
  9. peaceful controversy
  10. jessseeker

So, it took me two days to write this. I discovered I had the toughest time with the questions and figuring out how to add the links to the other people’s pages. The link thing was frustrating, but I eventually had that light bulb moment where it all made sense. I want to say thanks again for the awards. I have really enjoyed the blog experience thus far and had never expected to have the opportunity to write an acceptance speech. I was totally stoked to write it though. Thanks again 🙂

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As you can probably tell from my blog name, I do not lead the most overly exciting life and my social life is a bit lacking. I would blame this on many things, such as kids, school, work, or other various possibilities; but it would all be just excuses and lies. I am truly a homebody at heart. However, yesterday, I decided to venture out into the vast world of dive bars and karaoke (and yes, I sang…enough said).

The day started as normal as any other day, I had zero plans, other than to clean my room. Of course, this means ANY possible suggestion thrown my way I will often take without thought as my room requires much work I try to avoid at all costs. When my mother called with a request in my attendance at an estate sale, I said “sure!” without thought. See, avoidance at all costs. I must add here that I love my mother and she is a wonderful woman with all of my best intentions in mind. I ended up with newly used furniture and a new workout/lifting plan in my day I had not previously intended on. However, at the end of the day, I am happier with my home, if not with my bedroom.

This brings my to the next step in my day. I had agreed to read my writer friend’s first fifty pages of her book. I absolutely love the book and characters. As a test reader, it is my duty to openly comment throughout the book so she can have real feedback, which I did do. However, I completed this action on my beloved Kindle and was unable to get the feedback from my ereader to my friends. We attempted various methods to only figure out I should add my notes to a version I can email her with and ditch the Kindle for feedback. At least I have learned what not to do (silver lining right??)

By this time, I realize it is after 5 pm and my kids must eat dinner and my mother has now mentioned to me a night out to the movies with my aunts. We have a close family and we do many things together; it’s not that I am such a social leper that I am damned to an eternity of only family activities. My family is actually pretty cool, believe it or not. I was brought into movie night under false pretenses, expecting to see one movie, when in fact we ended up seeing Chronicle. By the way, I am still trying to figure out why I wasted that hour and a half of my life I will never get back. Wow. By far, one of the worst movies EVER!!! I will not even justify what I will loosely call a film with a crappy review; so not worth the time or keystrokes.

After the many misfortunes of my day thus far, I was reluctant to take on any more invites. However, when a girlfriend texts you requesting support, can you really say no?? I should have known what I was in for when I found out the reason the support was needed and that a dive bar hosting karaoke Saturday night was involved. Hurt and wounded women in a Cheers type establishment (where everybody knows your name for those too young not to remember the program) are not quite in their best frame of mind always.

I walk into the bar and meet my two girlfriends and am greeted with the words “You have sooo much catching up to do.” As I am a cheap date, catching up does not take much. Two shots and a beer later, I wouldn’t say I was caught up, but I was comfortably close; at least close enough to make a fool of myself singing my favorite karaoke tunes. I will say I had fun. I enjoy girls night out and am always supportive to my friends who have been there for me. Also, I rarely miss an opportunity to make a fool of myself in front of 30-50 drunk folks. No matter how bad you may suck, they always think you are the next American Idol. However, I was inspired by the nights events to write a blog in the near future about awful pick up lines and what NOT to say to a woman in ANY setting. I am thinking you should be looking for something along the lines of You have really nice boobs as a title or maybe my come back of How do you know it isn’t just a really great bra…oh, right, you will NEVER know…

I will address that last either later today or this week sometime…happy blogging all…

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