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Ever wake up in one of those just really amazing moods and just know your day is going to be amazing? Then, you go somewhere and are forced to spend time with someone who is just really unhappy? We all have those days, right?


Let’s set the stage for this one. You went to bed early last night, had a great 8-hour sleep cycle, wake early, and just feel like bouncing all over the place with your new-found energy and happiness. You leave the house and head to work, singing along to all of your faves on the radio. You get to work and IT happens. Mr. Grumpy Pants is sitting in your office with a sour face. Oh, he is extra cranky today.


Something Positive

Something Positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All of a sudden, you feel your face fall. You start to feel lethargic. You slump down in your desk behind your computer and log into your email. You feel your happiness and energy just falling away like a dream that once was.


Now what do you do? How do you maintain a good, positive outlook in such a negative environment? Can you tell Mr. Grumpy Pants to put on his big girl panties and just get over it? Doubt it.


I like how MelChi over on HubPages explains Mr. Grumpy Pants (Mr. GP going forward) types as brick walls. Isn’t that how we all feel once we walk into an environment where a Mr. GP is? It’s like we have just hit a brick wall in our happiness. MelChi calls them brick walls “because they are so stubborn and sometimes hurt like crazy when you run into them.”


Bring Back My Happiness


However, no matter what, you have to deal with Mr. GP. Most likely Mr. GP is like this nearly every day. What do you do?

  • Try to have a little understanding. You may not know everything going on in Mr. GP’s life. Maybe he just needs that positive person in his life and finds your positive energy refreshing (even if he never tells you so). Try a little understanding and empathy. 
  • If you cannot walk away because Mr. GP resides in your office, try to not react or argue with him. Mr. GP probably feeds off of someone who will complain or argue with him. DO NOT feed his negative energy or stoop to his level.
  • Try starting a new conversation with Mr. GP when he complains. Throw something positive out there. Try to influence his negativity with your positive energy. Who says a positive person cannot be just as stubborn as a brick wall? Ha! Take that Mr. GP!
  • Most importantly, keep smiling. A good mood and happiness can be just as infectious as negativity with enough persistence.


I had started this blog post quite a few months ago when I was dealing with a Mr. GP. I am now the influence in my office and try to maintain a happy and upbeat environment. You find you can get more done and more cooperation when you deal with people in a more positive manner. Thanks for listening to my rant 🙂


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Hi all. I am just coming online to let y’all know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. For anyone out there wishing I had, sorry to disappoint.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

I must tell you, I have been a busy girl! I am mostly through with school (yay!), almost have my gals in my office in all the right places (double yay!), and have my home nearly restored to somewhat organized (triple yay!). Okay, I will confess, I am long from being done with that triple yay, but I am coming closer all the time.  (more…)

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Ok. So very quick update as I still have a paper to write that’s due tonight. No, no, I swear I’m not a procrastinator! Well, maybe I am a little!

Started Crossfit boot camp tonight; and although I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow, I’m wondering if my body will feel the same come morning. Tonight was all about dead lifts and I swear everything involves squats. We used the weighted bar, kettle balls, and just for fun threw in some crazy medicine ball move. Sometime this week I will write up something on what Crossfit is for any of you who haven’t heard about it. For now, it’s time to write a kick butt paper. Have a good night all 🙂

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Hey all! So, it has been a while since I have said hello. I won’t say I’m back quite yet, but I hope to be soon!

I’m gradually settling my office. I have a new employee and nearly have my veteran junior trained on my morning duties so I can focus more on learning my new duties. All in all, it’s been a little rocky, but nothing more than the bumps and bruises you get from learning something new.

I had to push starting school back a couple weeks, so that begins this coming Tuesday. My work schedule was far too crazy in the beginning, but is far better now.

I went a little crazy at first due to a personal life crisis in the midst of all this change, so I had started going out far too often again. Now, I don’t mean the certifiable kind of crazy, but the stressed to no end kind of crazy. I figured out quickly that the kind of therapy I was seeking helped nothing and added weight to my figure. Unacceptable!

The personal crisis is getting handled and I’m looking for new and better ways to deal with the new stressors in my life. I hope to go within the next week or two to check out the Cross Fit training program near me.

A co-worker talked me into it after describing her personal experience in the program. In my typical nerdy fashion, I’ve been doing my background research and am pretty excited about what I have found! I’ll keep y’all posted on my decision and any updates if I join. If any readers out there have been in this type of program, I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve missed y’all and hope to write soon 🙂

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Alright y’all, I know I have been away for a bit, but I swear I have really good excuses reasons for my absence, I swear. I am not sure what just happened to my life, but everything went crazy suddenly. I don’t know wtf happened and why it all happened at once, but I must admit I am not unhappy. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we.

Let me start by saying I have always said I work best in chaos with a full plate. I think my plate just went from nothing, to full, to over-flowing in like a weeks time. I kid you not, I am totally serious here folks! Just remember, my blog is called from life idle to life fantastic and I have talked about how I am working on major self-improvement and yada, yada, yada…

First step was getting back into school. I had to organize some things, but I got that accomplished and I start back April 3rd. Yes, I am totally stoked! I am a nerdy, I like to learn kinda gal. I have already downloaded my books to my Kindle and have my reading/writing assignments noted so I can work ahead this weekend. Okay, that last part is not as much nerd as it is necessity. Hold your horses folks and you will understand why.

Next step, health and wellness. Anyone remember reading my blogs about the Wheel of Life Tree? Part of my journey included health and wellness. Now, this may sound a little radical but I decided to do the Master Cleanse. It is an extensive cleanse that lasts 10-days as a minimum. I started this past Wednesday and will do a write up of the cleanse and my experience with it at the completion of the 10-days, which is approximately the 30th of March. I swear, I am not counting down the days!

Okay, so education, check; health and wellness, almost check; and I got to work out a few other Wheel of Life Tree things to check off as well! I am getting to those, no worries; they are biggies though! I would like to add the side note that I am working toward the home/physical environment part as well. I have cleared a few items out of my massive stash of clothes and hope to finish most of that this weekend.

Now, for the big ones! I found out Thursday that I am in training for a promotion! It will move me into a director position in my current division in our company. I must admit I am excited and nervous all at the same time! Currently, it means I have to do my current job as well as most of the director position functions; but I am unstoppable and confident, so I have no qualms about all that. It just means longer hours and more stress, but I can handle my fair share of that. It will also mean more money, so I have successfully increased my Wheel of Life Tree in the Career/Business/Work as pending the Money Finance areas.

I can say, without hesitation, that my life just jumped up into the fast lane. I have so many other areas of my Wheel of Life Tree that have really progressed as well, but I am running out of time to write. I just wanted to explain my absence a bit and let y’all know where I have been. I cannot I will be able to keep consistent on my blog, but I will come back to y’all soon 😉

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The best things in life are free. This is one of the largest myths told as far as I’m concerned. Now, before you start thinking this chic is a cynical crazy person, hear me out and have a little faith. I swear this is probably not what you think. Oh, come on, you know you’re intrigued so read on…

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We have all know the quote “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” from the bible, right? Basically, the theory is you treat others the way you want them to treat you in return. Why doesn’t this work more often? Think about this for a second. How many times have you treated someone really well and you did not get anything near that treatment in return?

So, what do you do? Do you start treating them how they are treating you because that is apparently how they want to be treated since they are treating you that way? Or, do you continue to treat them the way you want to be treated? It’s kind of like being stuck between a rock and a hard place when you think about it. If the other person just likes being treated poorly so they treat you poorly, will treating them good ever work? What if you are both trying to treat the other like you want to be treated? How frustrating because you both want to be treated differently than the other. Maybe it isn’t working because there is a serious misunderstanding on treatment needs.

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